Whatsminer M50/M50S Test Power Firmware Upgrading Guide


Here is a step-by-step tutorial for upgrading the Whatsminer M50/M50S test power firmware.

1. Power Repair Test Firmware Instructions:

Firmware: whatsminer-test power-20220420.bin

PSU scope of use: P21, P21D, P21E, P221C, P222C, P221B, P222B

Control board type: H3, H6OS, H616

2. Tools:

Tool:whatsminer tool 8.1.34

3. Upgrade:

Check the IP, click “upgrade”-“select file”-“star upgrade” after using WhatsMiner Tools 8.1.34 to scan for the control board’s IP address.’

Check the version information to make sure the “version info” has been changed to 20220420 after the upgrade is successful.

4. Connect:

Plug the network cable in and connect the PSU to the control board.

5. Check:

Check the voltage after turning the PSU on.

6. Power off:

Repeat steps 4-5 for the following PSU that needs to be tested.

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