WhatsMiner M50 Tools & Document Download

Download Whatsminertool, Whatsminer Error Code Description document, WhatsMiner API document, product operational Guidelines,and product manual in this page to help you get the most out of your Whatsminer M50 series mining machine.

Tools Download

FileNameFile SizeDescriptionUpdate timeAction
WhatsminerTool-8.1.35.zip25MBThe new WhatsMiner must need this tool to monitor and upgrading firmware;
High mode can be only supported by M5x and M3x series, also require the input voltage over than 230VAT,some functions can be supported only with new firmware;
PSU temp are readable;
Multi-DNS proxy servers supported;
Improved the compatibility and stability of the tool, solved the issue which reported by anti-virus software by mistake.
WhatsMinerTool Operating GuideV8.1.34.pdf4MBPlease read the operation guide or view the teaching video before using whatsminertool2022.11.7Download

Document Download

FileNameFile SizeDescriptionUpdate timeAction
Error Code Description2022121915KBGeneral error code document of the whatsminer2022.12.20Download
WhatsminerAPI V2.0.3665KBIt supported by 20220210-20220421 version2022.7.13Download
WhatsminerAPI V2.0.4534KBIt supported by firmware 20220421-202208092022.11.7Download
WhatsminerAPI V2.0.5554KBIt supported by firmware which later than 202208092022.11.11Download

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How Do You Set Up a Whatsminer M50?

Here are the general steps for setting up a Whatsminer M50:

  1. Unpack the Whatsminer M50: Carefully remove the machine from its packaging and check that all the necessary parts are included, including the power supply and cables.
  2. Connect the power supply: Connect the power supply to the Whatsminer M50 using the included cables.
  3. Connect to the network: Connect the Whatsminer M50 to your network using an Ethernet cable.
  4. Configure the miner: Once the Whatsminer M50 is connected to your network, you will need to configure it to start mining. To do this, open a web browser and enter the IP address of the Whatsminer M50. This will take you to the configuration page where you can set up the miner to start mining.
  5. Join a mining pool: To maximize your chances of earning cryptocurrency, it is recommended to join a mining pool. A mining pool is a group of miners that work together to mine cryptocurrencies and share the rewards.
  6. Start mining: Once you have configured the Whatsminer M50 and joined a mining pool, you can start mining cryptocurrency.

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How Much Does the M50 Weigh?

ModelMicroBt Whatsminer M50

What is the Hash Rate of M50 and M50S?

The MicroBT Whatsminer M50 114 T is a Bitcoin ASIC miner with a maximum hashrate of 114 Th/s and a power consumption of 3306 W.

The MicroBT Whatsminer M50S 126 T is a Bitcoin ASIC miner with a maximum hashrate of 126 Th/s and a power consumption of 3276 W.

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