WhatsMiner M50s Manual

whatsminer m50s manual

This manual provides an overview of the WhatsMiner M50s specifications, components, flashing light instroduction, and safety guidelines.

WhatsMiner M50s Specifications

Hashrate120~130T ± 5%
Power Ratio26J/T ± 5%@25° C
Power On Wall3120~3380W ± 10%
Working Temperature-5° C ~ 35° C
Air flflow350CFM
Internet ConnectionsEthernet
Power Cable ModelIEC C19, ≥16A
PSU ModelP221B/P222B AC220V ~ 240V
whatsminer m50 components

WhatsMiner M50s Components

Power Supply, Fan, Control Board, Hash Board, Case

WhatsMiner M50s Flashing Light Introduction

Blinking Green Light:Working normally

Green and Red Lights Alternately Flashing:Alarm status and need to fifind the response error code

WhatsMiner M50s Safety Guidelines

Please check if there is any obvious physical failure beforepower on, beware of electric shock.

The product must be kept away from water sources and mustnot be operated in a humid environment.

It requires professionals to carry out daily maintenance on the product.

It is forbidden to directly touch the product by hand whenpower is on.

Please use the stable voltage.

The size of the air outlet: 143*218mm, refer to the relevant documents for the specifific shape(website-support-download).

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