WhatsMiner M50s Firmware

Here is the official firmware for MicroBT Whatsminer M50 series. Download WhatsMiner M50s initial firmware version.

New Version Highlights:

2.1 Support Pool TLS safety transportation protocol;

2.2 Support to check the PSU temp on WhatsMinerTool;

2.3 Strengthen the safety of firmware: the device will reboot 2 times during upgrading, the version name will end with”NeedUpgradeAgain” at 1st time, please wait for 2nd reboot, after that, it will be changed to the target version;

2.4 Fixing other bugs;

2.5 Online upgrading to a version earlier than 20221009 is prohibit, suggest to match with tool whatsminertool-8.1.35;

2.6 The WhatsMiner API version is V2.0.5;

2.7 If your Whatsminer firmware version is newer than this firmware version, please do not upgrade!

WhatsMiner M50s Firmware

Your miner may occasionally stop mining if the controller’s firmware develops a problem. The issue can then be resolved by updating the firmware. Additionally, in some other situations, you might want to update your miner’s firmware to the most recent version in order to improve performance.

Before updating the WhatsMiner M50s firmware, kindly confirm that the miner type and firmware type match.

What is Firmware?

First, let’s define firmware.

A type of software that can occasionally be updated by users is firmware, which is found in hardware devices. Firmware is a technology that can be used in a wide range of electronic devices, such as remote controls, hard drives, computer keyboards, calculators, and industrial robots.

Let’s discuss why firmware needs to be updated now that you are familiar with what it is.

Why Do We Need to Update the Firmware?

As is common knowledge, science and technology are constantly evolving, and firmware is no exception. With the aid of a firmware update, the mining device can add some features and function more effectively.

The amount of electricity mines use may be decreased by these firmware updates.

Some firmware updates can also increase the miner’s processing power. More processing power can be obtained for the same machine by updating the firmware. Profitable mining can be increased by using this kind of firmware.

Furthermore, there is firmware that can enhance restart processes, high-temperature protection processes, etc. for miners. Such firmware can increase the miner’s dependability and ensure its stable operation.

Although the firmware is good, some updates cannot be completed quickly. As soon as miners discovered that a specific firmware could significantly increase computing power, regardless of the source, they downloaded and updated the machine’s firmware. As a result, the device operates erratically and may even cause the mining device to become poisoned and computing power to be stolen. It is therefore advised that you only use the official firmware of the mining device and not any other kind.

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